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Lizard Lady Reptiles

Reptile Parties and Birthday Party Idea in San Francisco, California

In this day and age, we are so overrun by new technology and computers that a lot of our children don't experience the things we did in earlier days. At Lizard Lady Reptiles in San Francisco, California, we provide our clients with a unique experience that allows children to interact with real, live reptiles with their own hands!

Lizard Lady Reptiles has been in business for 25 years, we have provided reptile shows for both large venue and small venue events with award winning entertainment since 1990. We originally specialized in shows targeted at children, however, we have noticed more and more adults showing interest, and we love it! If you are looking for entertainment for a large event or party, our reptile show allows up to 250 people!

We are proud to offer a wildlife experience that people love! Each of our reptile parties are tailored to our unique audience. We can provide family friendly entertainment for all types of audiences. Anywhere from preschool aged children to adults. The Lizard Lady has a one of a kind background in early childhood education and experience as a preschool teacher. We offer a special program designed for young children.

Most of our animals have been with us for the past 25 years and are considered family. Our exotic animal show obtains a list of beautiful and friendly creatures like snakes, lizards, and tortoises. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to help save tropical rainforests and to ensure a long life for these amazing reptiles and their natural environment.

Our animal shows are not only a great way to share the beauty and history of these creatures, but they are a great source of entertainment for birthday parties. Does your child want a dinosaur themed birthday party? Most of our animals predate back to the dinosaur era!

Providing northern California with a one of a kind experience is something we have been so grateful in doing. Great birthday party ideas as well as corporate entertainment or high school presentations, we are sure to captivate any audience! Call us today with any further questions about our reptile shows and book your show today! (650) 557-2254

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